Hey, this is Kaitlyn! One of the perks from the changes being made to Refuge is that it provides us with a forum to bring up ideas or other biblical topics to meditate on and to challenge our listeners. This is officially my first blog post to our new web page, hopefully with more to follow.

One issue that has really been on my heart the past couple of months is Christian involvement in our government, especially as this is an election year. Hopefully this isn’t too much of a taboo to talk about, but as I look around as a recent college graduate trying to inform myself on the issues, I realize that there is a growing disconnect between Christians and politics. I hear it frequently said, “God takes care of everything for my good, so I don’t need to worry.” This is especially said amid discussion on politics and national finance. While this is completely true, I feel that at times we can use this statement as an excuse for apathy as sometimes we fail to see how politics has anything to do with Christ and spreading the kingdom. I know that I have been guilty of this.

But there is a big connection in staying informed for the vote, being involved in local government and spreading the kingdom. I would go so far as to say that it
is part of our mandate when Christ called us to be missional and go out to all the nations. (Matthew 28:19-20) Being missional is essentially sharing your life with the people around you and being involved in their lives, and genuinely loving them, and pursuing what is good for them. I say this because being missional is not about being Minnesota nice, it is a commitment, it is a lifestyle.

Many things affect our lives: jobs, relationships, money, possessions, a hard day at work. So if we are to be missional and love our neighbors, should we not take interest in the things that affect their lives? For the most part, the American Christian culture does care about these things, but one thing that affects our lives immensely that often gets overlooked because it is changing and complex is our government. So, how can I say to someone that I love them and want what’s best for them and take no interest in the very thing that probably shapes their lives the most? It is easy to not take an interest when a country is prospering, but in countries where there is civil unrest don’t you think that the Christians there want to do what they can to stop the violence?

I realize that this is an extreme example. I’m not saying we need to all agree and vote the same way, but we need to take time to care about what happens and vote the way that we think will best help our nation, our neighbors, and the next generation.

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