As the general manager and CFO here at Refuge Radio, I want to let you know that maybe more than any other recent fundraiser, our Annual Fall Fundraiser coming up will determine a lot about where Refuge Radio is going next. We’ve got some big decisions to make and it could affect you as a listener. I’m letting you know so that you’re not surprised and so you have a chance to maybe respond and help Refuge Radio.

In the past year or so, we have had some positive growth and increase in support, but we are still not making our ends meet. If we don’t see a significant increase in our funding we are going to have to adjust our budget to fit what comes in. In other words, we will have to make more cuts. In the past we have had to shut down some of our stations because we could not afford to keep them, and we have had to sell some of our stations just to raise some revenue. We don’t want to be facing that situation again.

One area that we have been really struggling with is that a significant percentage of pledges from last year have never been fulfilled, and that hurt our ministry over the summer months. If we are not able to operate the business side of this ministry responsibly, it would just be wrong to keep going. It’s bad business and it’s not a good Christian witness. So we’ve got to take some kind of serious action.

I want to let you know that that’s where we’re at, and I want to ask you to help if you can in some way. Maybe you can contribute financially, or help us get the word out, and we always appreciate your prayers! We’re praying that many others that have never given in the past might join in and help support Refuge Radio. Our Annual Fall Fundraiser is coming up in just a couple of weeks. Please be praying with us, and thanks for your support!

Dan Hatfield

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