How to Become a Day Sponsor

Published on by Kaitlyn



Thank you SO much for all your prayers and support to Refuge Radio! One unique way that you can help support the ministry that happens is by sponsoring a full day of broadcast. If you’ve had the chance to see our budget (posted here), we crunched the numbers and a day of broadcasting costs about $720. If you’d still like to sponsor a day of broadcasting, but would rather pay for the sponsorship in increments, it tallies out to be $60 per month. 

You can choose any day of the year and Refuge Radio will honor your gift of support with special on-air thank you’s throughout the day. You can pick a day to celebrate, like a birthday or anniversary , a special occasion, or another day that has significance to you and your family. (Christmas day and Easter Sunday excluded).

Once you pick the day you want to sponsor it will be reserved as yours. We want to honor your gift, so it will be no longer available to others. To become a day sponsor and reserve your special day please call our office at (218) 722-2727.