Published on by Kaitlyn

If you are a keen listener to Refuge Radio, or if you are up on current events in the Christian music scene, you have probably heard of OBB by now. If not, I am glad to give you an introduction! 

OBB, which stands for Oswald Brothers Band, consists of lead singer Zach Oswald, guitarist Jacob Oswald, and drummer Nich Oswald. If you haven’t guessed yet… yep, they’re brothers! And talented brothers at that. Makes you wonder what the rest of their family is like.

OBB is relatively new to the music scene. Having just been signed to Curb Records, they produced their first EP early in 2013. Coincidentally, the debut happened just in time to land them a spot on the ever popular Winter Jam Tour. After their touring success and growing popularity, OBB went into the studio last year to start producing their first ever album. “Brightside” is what came out of that creative process! On it you will find two of their most popular tunes, “All Eyes on You”, and their newest single release and album namesake “Brightside”.

If you wanna give their new single a listen or check out what all the fuss is about, watch the video above!