Can't Hold Me Down—All Things New

Published on by Kaitlyn

This week’s new music feature goes to a band new to the Refuge Radio playlist, All Things New and their new tune Can’t Hold Me Down. Watch above to give the tune a listen.

Lead singer Garrett wrote the tune after he was really impacted by a sermon at church one Sunday. “He said that the devil can’t hold us down if we are in Christ. Our God is greater and stronger than the enemy. This song, like that sermon, is meant to declare the greatness of our God. No matter what we are going through, no matter what we are facing, we will never lose with God on our side. Our God is undefeatable.”

So many of us have listened to the lies of the enemy, and at times even believed them. The enemy says that we aren’t good enough, but Jesus says that we are worthy. The hope of the song is that we would believe that truth. Not only that we would believe, but that we would live it out with confidence.

Like the song says, “Love has won my freedom”. How much more thankful would we be if we genuinely believed that?