Prodigal—Sidewalk Prophets

Published on by Kaitlyn

The latest music feature comes from well known band the Sidewalk Prophets. Their latest tune, Prodigal, is linked above.

Prodigal is a call to come home. We all want home, but everyone gets lost, disgraced, and discouraged. Like the name indicates, this tune is based off the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The prodigal was a man who hit rock bottom, who had nothing left to lose. While in his desperation he got up and went to his father. Like the story goes, while the prodigal son was a long way off still, his father came running and embraced him.

I love this passage of scripture. It might be a familiar story, but it’s one that needs constant retelling. No matter what you have done, no matter what shame you may bear, we can always run back to God. His grace is unending, and it is his greatest joy to see us return to him. Don’t let the lies of shame and guilt keep you from the peace and joy of knowing Christ.