Promises—7eventh Time Down

Published on by Kaitlyn

We’re glad to welcome 7eventh Time Down back for their second feature spot on our play list. The band isn’t super new, but maybe they are new to you. I’m glad either way to introduce you to their brand new tune, Promises! Watch above to give their tune a listen if you haven’t caught it yet on RR.

Lead singer Mikey Howard noticed throughout his Christian walk, that there has always been this ongoing conversation that, no matter the circumstances, you can always stand firmly on the promises of God. In Mikey’s life every time he trusted the world and all its temptations, it always left him broken and lied to. It never comes through for him, it never once has. It was always heart ache.

But in every single situation, we can trust in Jesus. He will continue to come through, over and over again. It’s never ending. This song is meant to be an encouragement that no matter what is going on in your life, you can always trust Jesus and he will come through for you. Sometimes it’s not what we expect or what we wanted, but he always leads us closer to him. He will never give up on you.