Where Your $ Goes

Published on by Kaitlyn


Have you ever wondered where the support you contribute to Refuge Radio goes? Well wonder no more! In an attempt to be open and honest about the finances at this ministry, below you will find our budget as well as our income needs.

Where the $$ comes from:

Current ongoing monthly givers-  $142,416

One time gifts this year-  $33,341

Other Non support based Income-  10,300

TOTAL projected income 2015-  $186,057

TOTAL cost to operate (Annual)-  $258,000

As you can see, with our current giving level where it’s at it leaves $71,943 still needing to be raised for our fiscal year end, June 1st 2016.

Since we do a fundraising event in the spring and the fall we need to raise at least 1/2 that amount now during our fall pledge drive. That is the reason we have set our fall pledge drive goal at $40.000.00.

Where the $$ goes:

Staff Salaries-  $124,000

Rent-  $98,402

Administrative Costs- $2200

Utilities-  $4320

Web Streaming & Internet-  $3468

Annual Music Rights and Licensing-  $3400

Satellite Up-link-  $19,800

Maintenance-  $2400