Backseat Driver-tobyMac (featuring Hollyn and Tru)

Published on by Andrew

Backseat Driver is tobyMac's 2nd single from his latest album, ***This Is Not A Test.*** One of Toby's main priorities in making this album was fighting any feelings of apathy or indifference. He firmly believes in honoring the King in all of what he does, which includes making the most creative, funky, and interesting music he can.

On this track you will hear some familiar voices. Both Hollyn and Toby's son Truet aka Tru make vocal appearances. Toby is known to mentor young artists and partnering with their music to help them succeed. (It's no wonder there are so many featured artists on this last album!)

Backseat Driver is all about letting Jesus take the wheel in our lives and submitting to his control as who could be a better navigator then our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?