Album Review: Young & Free "Youth Revival"

Published on by Andrew

Andy's Review of Youth Revival by Young & Free

Young & Free is part of Hill song Church and targets its music towards youth and young adults with a more upbeat and fast-paced focus on their albums. I love the energy that their newest album, Youth Revival brings to the album, but unfortunately it is a "live" recorded album which is not my personal cup of tea; I much prefer studio recorded albums for their production quality. Nonetheless, there is no denying that all the tracks sound really good with many elements of electronica and '80's pop supplementing the strong God-focused lyrics. The standout track is unsurprisingly "Where You Are" which has been popular on the radio in the last couple of months, similarly the track "This is Living" has been a radio staple and is a solid and fun song. But my personal favorites are "Real Love" and "Trust." "Real Love" is fast, fun and full of '80's charm, while "Trust" highlights the awesome and haunting vocals of lead singer Melodie Wagner, who belts it out on numerous occasions on this album. There are some weak tracks like "To My Knees," which is repetitive in its lyrics and "In Your Eyes" is slow and frankly, boring. Overall it is a worshipful and recommendable album that will satisfy Hill song and Young & Free fans and be a strong addition to your listening line-up and it's lyrics point to Christ and strengthening your faith. 

Score: 3.5/5

Kaitlyn's Review of Youth Revival by Young & Free

First off, I would like to say that this music feature clearly shows how different Andy and I are! But it’s for this reason that we love working on projects like this together, it brings variety to the table.

Andy approached the album review song by song, but I am more of a big picture person. When I listen to music there are definitely songs that individually stand out, but for the most part, I like to feel how the songs relate to each other to create the overall sound of the album. That being said, I enjoyed the experience.

Like true Y&F fashion, the album starts off with a bang! They are always so fun to listen to!  The album starts off with familiar tune “Where You Are”, and leads into one of my favorite tracks “Real Love”. The album had a great beginning, but I will admit I was a little worried about the lyrical integrity for a while. It is fun to jump around, sing, and fist pump, but at the end of the day the millennial in me wants to know if this enthusiasm for Christ is genuine or just emotionalism. While upbeat music is fun, I believe music should move us to truly adore our creator.

The middle of the album answered any worries I had. The tempo slows for about 5 songs, which might seem out of character, but it is in these songs that Y&F truly shows the depth of mature worship leaders. If you are looking for genuine worship in your music, this is the section for you. If you love Y&F for their synth-y pop anthems, you might find the middle portion a little dull.

With the middle slowing down, I was glad to find that the ending ramped back up in tempo. The song to bring the music back up to Y&F pace was “Falling Into You”, which may be my favorite on the album.

Final thoughts on the album: While I didn’t like the live aspect at first, I started to really enjoy the energy of the crowd and what that brought to the music. I also loved how all of the songs had sonic elements very akin to 80’s glam rock. I love the unusual and interesting. Overall, I’d recommend this album to a friend who is familiar with Y&F or who really loves pop.