Published on by Andrew

"It's crazy to think how far we've come as a band since the last time we were in the studio. We are having the time of our lives writing new music and we can't wait for you to hear it!"

This song is the first single from a new project that Needtobreathe has been working on in the studio for the past couple of months. This will be their 6th studio album, hopefully coming out this summer.

The song is really about the sacrifices that we all have to make in order to change our lives. But change can be difficult. The pain and sacrifice is worth it when you make that choice for the right reasons, though. Happiness, as we have experienced is a fleeting thing, but purpose found in Christ is what brings real joy, despite the pain and the struggle.

"Happiness," came from a very personal place for the band. They know what it is like to have a calling in life that literally keeps them up at night. As a band, they have to make countless decisions about their schedules and plans, which means a sacrifice from their families. Time away can be hard, but they know God wants them to keep making music that points people to Him. That sense of purpose is what helps them endure those tough times.

"But I believe that there is no better place in the world than at the middle of God's will for your life." - Bo (lead singer)

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