Make A Way-I Am They

Published on by Andrew

"Make A Way," is a story of the faith journeys we all go through, and in a way a story of the band as well.

When I Am They got started they were only playing together for one night of worship at their community gathering at their church in Nevada. Now looking back, it's easy to see God had different plans them. The individual worship night turned into a recurring experience. From there God led the band down an unexpected road and opened some doors for them to make their music a full-time ministry and a full-time job.

With a big change like that, you can expect the norm of your life to get altered. There is a lyric in the song that says, "Where you will lead me, I know you won't leave me. Where ever you call me, you will make a way." This lyric has become a determined prayer for the band as they play shows and share their faith.

No matter what you story is, know that having faith isn't easy. Life can be painful and tough. But through the ups and downs, God will prove himself faithful to you. It may not be in the ways you expect, but He will always draw you closer to Him and the joy that comes with it. He is the author of the story and He will provide. "If you brought me this far, you will make a way." 

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