Album Review: Jordan Feliz "The River"

Published on by Andrew


Andy's Review of Jordan Feliz-The River

This is Jordan Feliz's 1st full length album release, (he released a shorter version of this album last year called "Beloved") and it shows a remarkable level of talent for being so early into his career. The entire album flows together very well, sharing a thematic core. The album starts with what sounds like a personal jam session; just Jordan singing and playing guitar, sounding raw and real, which is something that he gives off when you see him in his music videos as well. Then it goes right into his big hit and title track off this album, The River. We have played it a lot of Refuge for a reason, it is unique and folksy and just an overall great tune that I never tire of hearing. Unfortunately after that the album starts to sound same-y, with Never Too Far Gone and Best of Me sharing a pop-like sound that seems generic. Luckily Beloved (his 1st single last year) and Simple make up the center of this album. Beloved is a slower ballad that features strong lyrics and SImple has a bit of a R&B flavor to it that I really enjoy. The remaining 5 songs vary in quality; the cool drums of Live It Out and the sure-to-be-a-single Cheer You On stand out but Your Great Hands and How Long make little impression beyond being well-produced. The final track, Satisfied sounds similar to secular artist Gavin deGraw, but strong lyrical integrity and some good flow to the music ends the album on a strong note. Overall its a solid start for this young artist and I cannot wait to see how he and his music grows over the his sure to be long career.

Score: 3.5/5

Kaitlyn's Review of Jordan Feliz-The River

Previous to reviewing this album, my only exposure to Jordan was his first big hit to radio, and title track to the album, The River. He is still pretty new to the music scene, but you wouldn't necessarily know it based off of the production quality of this album. This project is definitely easy to listen to, having familiar sounds from mainstream music. You can put it on and an hour later not realize that you listened to the whole thing already.  I heard some Gavin DeGraw, Y&F, and One Republic like beats and elements in some of the tunes. There is even a more up beat R&B track in the middle. I'd recommend this album to friends who tend to listen to top 40 radio as the music can go toe to toe with the genre. Over all, I think we can expect great things from Jordan in the future.

My fave tunes: Beloved, Simple, Live It Out