Priceless-For King & Country

Published on by Andrew

If you are not already familiar with Joel and Luke Smallbone, they are the younger brothers to Christian singer Rebecca St. James. Back in the early 00's, before they became FK&C, Joel and Luke helped with Rebecca's tours and with many young women's events.

A common theme at these events was that women have value because they are the daughters to the King, to Jesus. Playing at these events had a profound impact on Joel and Luke. They firmly believe that ladies, young and old, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and honor.

This song, Priceless, incorporates their message. To ladies, no matter your life circumstance, you are beautiful, you have value, you were made by God and are a daughter of the King. This song also charges young men to love women as their own sisters and to protect and honor the women in their lives.

They are actually making a movie using this song as the basis that will star Joel Smallbone, David Koechner and Bianca Santos and will be directed by Ben Smallbone and executive produced by Luke Smallbone. A family endeavor for sure! Priceless the Movie releases Fall 2016. Check out the the trailer below.

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