Live It Well-Switchfoot

Published on by Andrew

This song, Live It Well is the first single from Switchfoot's brand new album, Where the Light Shines Through. We don't have to wait long for it either, as it was recently announced as releasing July 8th!

When you think of living a fulfilling life, what comes to mind? You might think a successful career, a happy family, owning a nice house, or (insert here).

But life doesn't always go smoothly. So how do you live your life well when you're struggling and life is hard? That's the inspiration behind Live It Well. When life gets tough, that is often where you see God working in your life and in your heart the most. When you walk through those valleys, your savior is always by your side.

It's when we choose to live out life trusting and hoping in God that we can start to live life well. It's not about the circumstances, but in who you put your faith and trust.

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