Album Review: We Are Messengers (self-titled)

Published on by Andrew

We Are Messengers is a worship band from Ireland that just formed last year before they moved to the US. The band signed a record deal and released their first self-titled album on April 22nd. As far as band debuts go, this album is fantastic! 

Band leader Darren Mulligan guides this massive 14-track album thru a variety of musical styles that coalesces into a powerful worship experience for listeners. The first track was also their first single, Everything Comes Alive which is fun and high tempo, immediately hooking the listener with a easy to sing-along-with tune. The strong music continues with Point to You that sounds like 90's Brit rock combined with a dash of electronica to flavor it up and I Look Up, a folk-sy and funky track that is both unique and has a good message to share. The cool imagery that their music conjures continues through The River and Shadows, but hits the strongest in the stand-out track I'm On Fire, which starts slow with spoken word before the rich and powerful message hits you in the chorus. 

A few tracks miss the mark a bit including I Want You and Dancing In the Dark which come in late on the album, leading to a loss of interest that thankfully doesn't last long before My Ghost comes along with its atmospheric and ominous tune, telling of the spirit we left behind after we become believers. The album closes in a very different way to the upbeat beginning of Everything Comes Alive with a slow sojourn in I Don't Have the Answers, which a good send-off for We Are Messengers' first album.


We Are Messangers has a hit on their hands with this beautiful album filled with powerful imagery and strong lyrics that evoke an emotional response from the listeners. Lead singer Darren and the rest of the band (including his wife, Heidi) share faith in God thru these songs which will surely cause us to reflect on our own walks with Christ through these songs. 

Score: 4.5/5