Published on by Andrew

The first single off of Skillet's new album, Unleashed expected to be released on August 5th, "Stars" is a powerful new tune that is a little less rockin' then most of their tunes, but is nonetheless powerful and features some moving lyrics. Skillet is one of Andy's favorite bands and Stars is his favorite new single released so far in 2016!

"Stars" is about how sometimes in life its easier to believe that God is in control of the big things, more so then it is to believe that He is in control of the small things, especially the tough details that directly affect our life.

"I've never questioned that the sun is going to come up every single day or that the world is going to keep spinning, or that God is in control of the universe. But its sometimes hard for me to believe that God is in control of the little things, that He hears me pray, that He never leaves me, that He can heal a marriage, or even watch over my kids," -John Cooper (lead singer)

Whether you are in a joyful season, or a season of struggle and growth, let this song be a reminder that God IS in control of the big things in the world... But He's not too big for you! He cares deeply about what happens in your life, so much so that He sent Christ to die so that we could turn to Him. God always wants the best for us, which is ultimately Himself. It doesn't always look the way we think it should, but He is ALWAYS faithful to draw closer to us.