My Victory-Crowder

Published on by Andrew

My Victory is the first single from Crowder's next project, which as of now has no release date or title (though we expect it sometime around mid-fall)!

This song originally started as a cooperative piece between the lead singer of We Are Messengers, Darren Mulligen, and a band member of Crowder. While the original was somewhat different, the message "what the cross meant to kill is my victory" inspired David Crowder himself to start writing this worship tune.

David and the band spent long hours forming the rest of the song. They wanted to clearly articulate how the cross was intended to be an end, death, but how instead it brings us hope in Christ and new life in Him.

"It doesn't matter what space of life you are coming from, it doesn't matter what your career choice may be, the cross of Christ is the story that covers all. That's where your story changes. It changes for the Pharisee and it changes for the criminal. Jesus comes for all of us."

- David Crowder