Indie Spotlight - the BRILLIANCE

Published on by Kaitlyn

This month we are starting an Indie Spotlight to highlight some Independent and Alternative Christian bands that have great music you might not catch on typical radio stations. For our first Spotlight we picked one of my favorite bands, the BRILLIANCE.

When you play their music for the first time, you notice a complex melody of strings, spoken poetry, prayer, harmonies, and mellow drum beats. The best way I would describe their music? A mix of old school liturgical pew book lyrics spread throughout a mellow, yet enthralling, alternative folksy sound. It may seem like an odd combination, but the melodies are striking and the depth and realness you experience in their lyrics are exactly what this jaded millennial craves. 

Sounds Like: Gungor, Young Oceans, John Mark McMillan

While you hear many different vocalists and musicians in their music, the band is comprised of duo David Gungor and John Arndt. For each unique track, David and John work with many artists and friends to create the sound they are looking for. One could say that their role in the band is more akin to composers.

Before they started the BRILLIANCE, the two were previously a part of the Michael Gungor Band; indie aficionados would know it as the precursor to what is now Gungor. In 2010, amidst a change in direction for the band, David and John left to start making their own music. Later that year they released their first project, simply self titled as the BRILIANCE.

For a number of years the BRILLIANCE made self produced albums, including a live worship and two advent focused albums. In 2015, they garnered some attention from Integrity Music Group and produced their first studio album, and one of my favorites, Brother. They still remain a somewhat "indie" band as they produce music independently, but partner with Integrity for some of the bigger projects, a partnership that I hope continues! 

Don't forget to check them out on Noisetrade and Spotify!

Some of my fave tunes...