Through Your Eyes-Britt Nicole

Published on by Andrew

It's been a little bit since Britt Nicole has put out an album. 2012, in fact, and in that time she got married and had 2 little kiddos!

Balancing everything has definitely been tough as you can imagine for Britt with family and career, but God has been faithful to grow their family through every step. Through the last year, Britt felt her grip slip at times feeling like she needed to try harder and just "get it together."

"I have really felt God pour His love over me. Isn't that what God does? When we feel discouraged, when we feel like we're not good enough, He speaks truth and life over us."

- Britt Nicole

We don't have to be perfect, have everything in life figured out or settled. God loves us no matter what the state of our lives are in. All He wants is for us to give Him our whole heart and minds in worship.

Hopefully the release of Britt's new single means a album announcement in coming soon!