Indie Spotlight - The Gray Havens

Published on by Kaitlyn

The album of focus for our August Spotlight is "Ghost of a King" from The Gray Havens. While the band has a folk background, this album has a broad range of styles represented. You get to hear some pop, epic stories sung like tales of old, and poetic lyrics set to ethereal melodies. With a large variety of sounds, the album doesn't cease to hold your attention and keep a keen interest.

Sounds like: The Brilliance, Josh Garrels, Rend Collective

The band is a duo comprised of husband and wife Dave and Licia Radford. They started making music together in 2013 and have since produced 3 albums. The name The Gray Havens comes from the fictional works of JRR Tolkien, to many nerds delight. The couple picked this allusion to heaven in the Lord of the Rings, The Gray Havens, to imply that the music is supposed to take us somewhere. In the books many of the characters journey to this peaceful place as their final destination in life. Holiness is the destination, and gospel driven lyrics are the means of transport for this duo.

This album in particular was written with the cohesive theme of human longing:

β€œThe opener sets up the record as the deepest longing somebody can have being fulfilled. The subsequent songs are sub-stories of different longings we have had or have currently, whether that be a longing to do something important with my life, or love my spouse well, or not be caught up in chasing money, or to spend eternity with my friends and family.” -Dave

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