Album Review: David Dunn "Yellow Balloons"

Kaitlyn's Review

You may not be familiar with David Dunn's music, but I guarantee you have heard it on Refuge Radio with songs like "I Wanna Go Back" and "Ready To Be Myself". The man has such a great singing voice, it's hard not to join in at the chorus. This album takes the time to showcase David's amazing vocal range, but it also establishes some different musical styles. Right off the bat, the first two songs have a high tempo with lots of R&B style beats to them. At times you even hear John Mayer like guitar riffs. The songs do eventually slow down and start to blend mid album and finish at a slower and more serious pace that David is known for.

"I wanna go where the clocks all stand still, to get away from the heat and the uphill"

One song in particular stood out to me, "Vacation". This political season has lead to much emotional fatigue. Every morning there seems to be more battles being waged, more news articles needing to be read, and more temptation to grand stand on social media. The song "Vacation" vocalizes the frustrations that we experience in life, but it serves as a reminder that no amount of avoidance will give us peace in hard times. Christ is the source of our peace. Having hope in Him, despite the world around us, is the respite we need in times like this.

"Just to be with you, I wanna take a vacation, just to be with you"

Favorite Songs: Grace Will Lead Me Home, Masterpiece, Vacation

Andy's Review

This is only David Dunn's 3rd studio album and he is already showing a ton of growth as a musical artist! The entire album is well constructed with its musical variety. It begins with "Kingdom" a upbeat and fun tune before jumping in to "Open Arms," which really emphasizes how much David sounds like John Mayer. Then the album slows down a bit with "Grace Will Lead Me Home" and "I Don't Have to Worry." Then right in the middle we are met by the 1st single off of the album, "I Wanna Go Back," which is a fun, catchy song but one that's just a tad over-sentimental for my tastes. That tune is followed up by my least favorite song on the album, "Ruins" but luckily the album ends on some high notes. "History" is upbeat and jazz-y, "Masterpiece" is great with David's confident vocals joined by a light amount of rap, "Vacation" is beautiful and will immediately become one of your new favorites and finally "Yellow Balloons" finishes the album on a melancholy and emotional note that hints at real-life tragedy. Overall I thought this was a solid album with only one weak track that is bursting with David's personality and creativity.

Favorite Songs: Grace Will Lead Me Home, History, Masterpiece, Vacation

Score: 3.5/5