Our Fall Pledge Drive is under way!  We are super excited about new listeners and the growth of our support team during this last year.  However, our accountant tells us that we still need to raise about $50,000 in pledges and support gifts to get Refuge Radio fully caught up and in a position to stay financially healthy into the next year. If you have been giving to Refuge Radio, we are so grateful to you; your support is a constant source of light and truth for others through the music and ministry here that reaches so many.

If you have never given before, we’re asking if you would consider being part of the support team that makes it possible for Refuge Radio to exist. Without the support of listeners, Refuge Radio could not be here at all.

This year we have been struggling through a very difficult season, but we are well on our way to financial health.  We have made so many improvements in reliability and programming this last year, as we have worked to make Refuge better than ever.  A year ago, Refuge Radio was deeply in debt and today we are nearly caught up on all accounts.

Would you please be praying with us as we ask God to meet the needs of this ministry over the next week and during our Fall Fund Raiser? It really is a season of thanks as we celebrate what God has done in the restoration and growth of Refuge Radio and even more importantly, in the lives of those who benefit through listening. I know our staff feels privileged to be a part of it and we hope that you do too.


Daniel Hatfield
General Manager
Refuge Radio

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