Looking back on the last couple of days I can’t help but rejoice at all that God has done! He truly showed me that it is not my voice, not my turn-a-phrases, not my efforts that make Refuge Radio an impactful station. God has truly shown me the meaning of grace this week; He is the one who provides for Refuge.

Things have been financially tight for Refuge this year, so we had humbled hearts coming into the pledge drive on the 7th. We prayed together, hoping that God would provide, and then went live. We raised a little over $7,000 on our first day. We were grateful and thankful for what was given. However, with $65,000 as our goal, and with one day gone, we wondered if we would reach it.

On our second day of pledge drive, I felt as if there was nothing that I could do to help raise this money. I confess that in this moment I had little faith in what God could do. I say this not to be negative, but to make more of what Christ has done for me and for Refuge. I say this to glorify His name, not mine. Again, we prayed together.

A couple hours had passed. Then out of the blue, we got a call from a man I have nicknamed our “Faithful Friend”. He explained that he saw the need for stations like Refuge. He said that he has seen the impact that it can have on people’s lives. In short, he saw the need that Refuge had and wanted to do his part. So he pledged to give $20,000 of support. Even more than that, he said that if we could match his pledge that he would give another $10,000.

You can imagine the chaotic excitement that happened next. We got down on our knees and prayed in such sweet thankfulness. God saw our need and moved in this man’s heart to help provide. There was nothing that I did or said that made this happen. I didn’t earn this. God taught me then and there that it is through Him that all blessings flow, not my merits, skills, or efforts.

During our last day of pledge drive we made sure that everyone knew what God had done for us. What’s more, God provided a second blessing. You managed to meet the match challenge! We were so ecstatic! We called our “Faithful Friend” to let him know the news. He said that he would stay true to his word and pledge $30,000 as promised. With that $30,000 match challenge in the pot, you managed to not only meet our goal of $65,000, but to exceed it by $4,000.

We have felt so blessed by you and your support, and we are so grateful that God not only provided, but provided abundantly! It is my sincere hope that you read this account of our pledge drive and find encouragement that God is all sovereign. He sees our every need, even before we realize it. He loves us to such great depths that He sent His only son for us. He paid the ultimate cost so that we could experience His love. Yet He is such a mighty God that He sees even our smallest needs and takes care of us.

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