Spring is arriving in the Northland, and the promise of new life is fresh in the air. Maybe you’re thinking about a new spring outfit, or have the sudden urge clean your house from top to bottom. I thinkthat most feel some excitement on those first few warm days of spring and are often extra motivated. We’re feeling the same excitement, and here at the home of Refuge Radio some great new things are happening.

Hi, my name is Daniel Hatifeld. I am the General Manager and one of the Board Officers of Refuge Media Group. Taking over this new role has filled me with excitement and admittedly a few jitters. This is also in a way a homecoming for me. I spent several years with Refuge Media Group doing a Morning Show, and working as Program Director. In fact, soon after I came to the station in 2002 I lead the team to changing over from what at the time was WNCB to the new Refuge Radio brand. Needless to say I have always felt some personal ownership in what Refuge Radio brand is all about. It’s very exciting for me to come back and have the opportunity to lead a new team and a new era of Refuge Radio.

With spring here, it’s a great time to freshen things up. Perhaps like you, we have done some painting, and needed a new look. You might say we updated our wardrobe a little bit, but I think were still pretty much the same at our core. I hope our new logo and webpage fits the times a little better. In this new era with Refuge Radio, we’re hoping to provide better content and connections within our web site and other media.

I have always thought Refuge Radio was a great brand and provided a great service to our community. I have often thought though, we could do some things better. Some of my goals as manager are to reach out better, to serve you better, and to help motivate you and our current generation to be ALIVE in Jesus. To wake up, live and embrace the life he promises us! Refuge should be a place where you feel safe and supported so you can live out your life in Christ with a reminder of the security that comes in knowing him.

We’re all very eager about what God has in store for Refuge Radio. We’re committed to serving you better. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on the new Refuge Radio.

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