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This song comes from an encounter that Josh Havens (lead singer) had with a neighbor he hadn’t met before. As Josh was leaving his house one day, he saw his neighbor across the street working in his yard. He waved and went about his day. Later when Josh returned home he found a note on his door from his neighbor. The note said,

“Dear neighbor,

earlier today you waved at me and I did not wave back.

I’m sorry that I didn’t wave. I have a lot of hard things going on in my life right now

and I’m sorry that I took it out on you.”

So Josh walked across the street and introduced himself, to this guy that he had waved at so many times before. Once they got talking, he found out that this guy’s wife had had a stroke; needless to say he was in a really dark place. The encounter broke Josh down. A couple hundred feet away from his house there was this guy, who was going through these tough problems. The song is a sort of a message to slow down and see the people around us, the people God calls us to love and be involved with. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives that we lose track of what’s really important.

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